We are Nativ and these are our Nativ dream productions. Nativ Productions was founded with the intent to disrupt the status quo, by focusing largely on supporting small local women & minority owned businesses with a mission geared towards sustainability. Built out of frustration knowing that we can do better as a collective. We exist to amplify the voices of the voiceless and those whose voices have been historically suppressed. To change the narrative from HIStory of fear, lust, and money to HERstory of unconditional love, respect, and sovereignty. Rooted in cultural appreciation and indigenous women empowerment. Grounded in unconditional love, we seek to create conscious content, raising the collective vibration, representing the rise of the divine feminine. Rebalancing the values of society and bringing humans home to nature, to the waters from whence they came, to Mother. With the understanding that we are here as the stewards of this planet. The sentient, here to live purposefully in a purposeless universe. Reducing our impact on the environment, so that we can maximize our service as caretakers. Empowering women and worshiping our queens is where the work begins, because the way we SEE and treat our women, reflect the way we see and treat nature and ourselves. As above, so below. As within, so without. Let us help you share your story. Help you show up as being uniquely you. Divinely you. This is her story. What makes her feel alive?


Elle Jimenez

I am a film school graduate from the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan, with experience in a variety of sets and projects in the film and TV industries since 2010. Experience that goes beyond the lens, working both behind the scenes directing, coaching and editing, and on set in front of the camera, modeling and acting. I like to focus on storytelling, directing and post-production. I love to put together the intricately captured puzzle pieces in order to create a masterpiece, create emotion, and make an image or a film memorable and timeless.

Darren Joshua

As a self-taught photographer/videographer with a Bachelors in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign, there are two things that I’ve always been drawn to: art and nature. My work aims to bring humans home to nature, to their true nature, where we can begin to restore balance and moderation.  By seeing others and giving others a chance to be seen, we can make the world a better place that our hearts know is possible....And that's where the real work begins!