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NATIV Productions is a women & minority-owned photography & videography company located in South Florida, founded by Mexican American, Darren Joshua Leonardi and Puerto Rican born, Elle Jimenez. 

At NATIV, we believe that we are the stories we tell ourselves. Together, we're here to make it a good one! One you can be proud of, one that you can share with your kids, and they with theirs. 

Our goal is to provide the highest quality media, over delivering and providing a comfortable, stress free experience. We specialize in portrait, underwater, corporate event, and small business/product photography.

Are you a brand? We love working with sustainable brands that benefit our environment and bring awareness to socio-ecological values. Shining a light (literally) on products and services that help us live simpler and lighter on Mother Earth and bring us back to nature. 

Let's work together, and write a new story, YOUR STORY. 


I am a film school graduate from the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan, with experience in a variety of sets and projects in the film and TV industries since 2010. Experience that goes beyond the lens, working both behind the scenes directing, coaching and editing, and on set in front of the camera, modeling and acting. I like to focus on storytelling, directing and post-production. I love to put together the intricately captured puzzle pieces in order to create a masterpiece, create emotion, and make an image or a film memorable and timeless. Let's create your own NATIV experience!

A self-taught photographer/videographer with a Bachelors in Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign.

I care about the quality of the work, composition and attention to detail behind every visual. I love working with people from all industries and backgrounds capturing the human experience and their passions. By capturing others and giving others a chance to be seen, we can make the world a better place...a more NATIV space.

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